Ryan Thompson

by hcartstudent

“How can I make work that engenders transformational thinking?”

This is just one of the questions that Ryan Thompson asks himself when he thinks about making his art. It was, for me, the question that stuck out the most during his lecture on Thursday. All of his work generates some sort of conversation between the art & the viewer. I was intrigued by his photography, which always documents some sort of greater process or idea. The questions that his work asks really do generate what he’s trying to generate – a way of thinking that inspires a change in action. The (RE) project promoted re-use in a way that forces the viewers to examine themselves as consumers & what that means in the grander scheme of their environment/society. His work with the meteorites was nothing short of fascinating. Hearing Ryan speak about meteorites had me thinking about them in a more meaningful way than I probably ever have before. Who we are as humans & where we fit in the grand scheme of time & the universe: these are the questions that I came away thinking about after being exposed to Ryan’s meteorites. I think that’s what I appreciated the most about his work: it was mentally stimulating to the point where I actually wanted to change the way I act in regard to some of these issues. 

-Laurissa Widrick